Friday, September 18, 2009

Elle Decor's 20th Anniversary

I just received the new October issue for Elle Decor- 20 Years of Dazzling Design. I was expecting to see much more in this issue, given that its their special anniversary issue. Kinda bummed actually. I was hoping to see some more new fun and exciting designs, but its sort of been a repetition of the same old things. There are bits and pieces that id catch my attention, but not a whole lot. Here are a few that intrigued a spark in me. Lets see what you guys think

They did a cover on fashion designer Jill Stuart and her NYC Penthouse. I must say, I sure wouldn't mind living in her space! The style of the house is very tranquil given its minimalism. I don't necessarily like to go the minimal route, but I always love using all white in any space and adding the right colors to make it pop. Here she has different shades of grays, pinks and purples that adds some life into her home, but not too much, where she can come home from a crazy days at work and relax as she walks in through her doors. This all white look really makes the individual feel calm, collected and relaxed. Feelings we all need one point of the day!

A Malibu Getaway Designed by Michael S. Smith

Here are some fabulous table setting ideas for your reference. 

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