Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fruit Memo Notes by D-Bros, Kudamemo::

How cute and genius are these fruit memo pads?! These memo pads are created by Japanese company D-Bros. The memo pads sit vertically like an actual pear and apple. You can peel of a sheet, easier and faster than cutting an actual fruit! I think these memo pads are such a cute and unique gift to present to anyone. I am always trying to find new and unique gifts to present to my friends and family, rather than the usual clothes, shoes or accessories (although I can never say no to a gorgeous blouse, a pair of hott pumps or some dazzling jewels).

Unfortunately, these memo pads don't come cheap (buzz kill). If you buy them individually they are $19.60, and if you buy them in their cute little crates (6/crate) they are $118.00
I have no idea where you can buy these in the states, but if you are in or from Japan you can buy them at here :

I can promise you this, once I have my own retail boutique here in LA (and hopefully in the future in many other states and countries) I will definitely be carrying cute, fun and fabulous items like these!


  1. those are the cutest note pads I have ever seen! Wayy expensive though! -MM

  2. The attention to detail of this thing is really cool.

    every sheet of paper has a design on it.


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