Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Heavenly Sinful/Twisted Jewelry::

The other day as I was walking through 3rd street promenade in Santa Monica, Ca, I passed by jewelry store Raffinity, I always walk pass this store never really attempt to go in because I know its a very dangerous idea. But this time I saw something very different that caught my eye in there window display. It was a diamond encrusted heart pendant, with 2 horns and a little tail ALL covered in ruby's...It was so simple yet so different. I couldn't resist, I had to walk in. I tried it on and it looked gorgeous. I mean how can diamonds possibly look bad right? Anyhow..So I thought the idea of having a heart with 2 little horns and a tail, was so unique. A heart mixed with red devil horns, you can play with your persona. She Devil ;) It was sexy and sweet at the same time. I really liked the piece and got the information to the designers from the store employee and I found even more amazing pieces. Heres the link http://www.heavenlysinfuljewels.com/ and I've attached some pieces from the designers. Let me know what you guy think!
this is the piece I died for!!

Here's a little info on the Line to get you acquainted
Heavenly Sinful Jewels, a blissfully schizophrenic jewelry line that creates pieces for the angel in your heart....and the devil on your shoulder. Heavenly Sinful Jewels has two  collections- Twistted and Pure. The Twistted collection is a rock n' roll inspired collection where you will find little hearts with devil horns to diamond encrusted skull creations. The Pure collection is an array of delicate, feminine pieces handcrafted from 18kt white, yellow and rose gold. Its daring and artistically creative designs are sure to endulge you to sparkle for any occasion.

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