Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Host the Perfect Dinner Party.

I love having dinner parties and Im always looking for new ways to decorate my table for my guests, so they can have, not only a delicious meal, but a visually pleasing atmosphere to dine in...Here are some tables set-ups for reference!

Reusable party favors!

How great is this idea by Martha Stewart? She's made her veggie dip into a centerpiece!

These last four images are from http://toastandtables.blogspot.com/ They have some great Table setting-ideas. It's a great blog, check it out!


  1. Love it Laura! Design Spark is on the top of my Inspirational/Concepts list!!!

  2. I'm going to have to pick your brain for planning ideas...I really love the first three photos, the small floral arrangements are adorable and not overwhelming. Oh and I love that rippled plate!

  3. Oh...I love this post....am having two Brides - to - be over for al fresco cherry pancakes in the garden tomorrow morning and this sparks some creative ideas for dressing the garden table. :-) sweet.

    xi lylah
    la maison et le jardin


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