Thursday, September 3, 2009

Love for Cherry Blossoms::

There are many things in nature I am completey obsessed with, Cherry Blossoms would be in my top 5! They are such gorgeous flowers. Cherry Blossoms are indigenous to many Asian states and its season is in Spring. In China, they symbolize female beauty and in my world they symbolize all things beauty. They are such delicate and unique flowers they add an amazing effect to any room. You can place one branch in a vase and your room is left with such an amazing effect. Its color, texture and delicate structure make it so pleasing to look at... I love how designers have added the image and shape of the cherry blossom to so many different elements in our day to day life.. Here are some pix Girls if you need any ideas to decorate an event, dinner party, engagement..cherry blossoms will definitely leave your guests walking into your event with open mouths no matter in what form you use it!!
Cherry Blossom Cups_so cute!
Cherry Blossom Bracnh Lights

1 comment:

  1. Cherry blossoms are really great because they are so simple and feminine but also very pretty. Less is more.
    I'm loving this blog. It's a great collaboration of ideas.
    I also really like the word of the day section that was recently added!


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