Friday, September 11, 2009

What was she thinking?

Here's a pic of Rihanna at NY Fashion Week. Don't get me wrong, I usually love her style and how she can pull off many different looks, but I mean is she serious right now? I get that celebrities can get away with alot of things. We like to see and watch them as they wear the things we wouldn't be able to ourselves. But, I mean, WTH are those? At least wear something that can function? How the heck can she even see what she's doing?! Am I right or am I right??


  1. she needs to get over it! love her style too, but come on already, I mean seriously! We already know she is different and daring and can pull off a lot, but let's be a little functional.
    You are totally right!

  2. Thank you MM for your comment!

    I mean, come on Rihanna. Give us something we can work with!!


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