Thursday, October 22, 2009

40 Winks Hotel::

I absolutely love staying at boutique hotels. I feel like there is so much detail put into everything and you are literally a part of it all, because its not this gigantic commercial building swallowing you up. Boutique hotels are more personal, luxurious and can take the risk to be quirky. Most of them are furnished with a theme and stylized in a unique manner. Rooms are usually no more than 150 and can be as little as 5. They are definitely more intimate and private which adds to its luxurious flare. They are mostly operated by individuals or small companies. Here's a boutique hotel I discovered through Elle Decor. Hotel owner and designer David Carter did and amazing job at capturing this very eclectic, whimsical French, moulin rouge feel, in what used to be his London townhouse.

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  1. Good job Laura! I'm very proud of you! Keep 'em coming. You've done a great job with your posts. Very exciting to read and informing as well.
    My sister's blog ROCKS! =)


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