Thursday, October 15, 2009

Bold Stripes:

I am really getting into bold stripes for interior spaces. Not only on accent pieces such as, pillows or rugs, but on bigger spaces. For example on an entire wall in a bedroom/bathroom or fabric for a large sectional. Stripes in different sizes, lengths, colors and proportions add character to a room.I think it also adds some great strength and boldness- could say a lot about your character too! Stripes are a very geometric shape, just as horizontal stripes on a dress would make you look wider, it will do the same if applied on a sofa, wall or any other accent piece. Same goes for vertical stripes, if you want your room to look long and linear, you would apply your stripes vertically to add length and height to a room. Ladies, if you want to look taller and elongated, throw on a vertically striped blouse! Ok bloggers, check out these amazing spaces that gave me a lot of new ideas and inspiration for my future projects!

Above photos from Jonathan Klunk

I love this room!


  1. Love the stries!! I especially like it when horizontal and vertical stripes are combined together in one room (but definitely needs to be done right or else it can be a disaster!)

  2. I love the color combinations in all the rooms!!!


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