Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dark Fashion, Tim Burton::

Please take a look at these insane photos from Tim Burton's Fashion Spread in the October issue of Harpers Bazaar. We all know Tim Burton as the dark and quirky film Director/Producer of movies such as, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, A Nightmare Before Christmas, and much more. He has such a magical, creative and dark mind, that we all get to see through his movies. He takes us into this deep, dark world that we don't believe exists, until we sit and watch his movies and imagine the unimaginable. We are used to seeing his work in movies, but I thought it was interesting to see him reinvent himself in fashion and exhibit his work to us in that way. Here are photos from the spread, maybe you will be inspired to try an edgier style this season. Who ever said Goth isn't stylish?

There is actually a special gallery exhibition and film series at MoMA, New York in November. It covers many of his works in movies, artwork and many never before pieces.


  1. That is something I definitely want to see when in NY

  2. omg this is one of my favorite spreads in Harper's! When i saw it, i was totally floored bc i LOVE Tim Burton and this interpretation is SO beautiful. Would love to catch this while in NY!!

  3. We're lucky the exhibit will be at MoMA while we are all there. We can all go together! How exciting...NY NY here we come!


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