Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dine LA::

For all you Los Angelinosss, if you haven't heard, this week and next week is Dine LA Restaurant Week, Oct 4-Oct 9 and Oct 11- Oct 16. Here is how it works:

You pick the restaurant of your choice of those participating from the Dine La Restaurant List. Each individual gets a 3 course meal- appetizer, entree and dessert. You are given 3 different choices for each category to choose from. Every restaurant has their own set price and it is either $16, $22 or $28 for lunch and $26, $34 or $44 for dinner.
(*Beverages and Tip not included)

My sister has been telling me about this Dine LA Restaurant Week for awhile now, but I would never pay too much attention to things like this. All I used to care about was the decor of the restaurant, the ambiance, the overall feel, but I have come to appreciate the value of "good" food more as I get older =(
So, tonight was my first round around the town to take up this offer through Dine LA. First restaurant of choice was La Boheme. Of course what attracted me at first was the decor through their website and I was not disappointed when I saw it in person. It has a very edgy romantic feel to it. It quickly reminded me of the Moulin Rouge with its burgundy walls, dark and sexy lighting, the gorgeous cyrstal chandeliers with red crystals circling around them. They also had a great patio area surrounded with greenery and lights peeking out of them like stars. The food was tasty as well. I had the miso salmon with jasmine rice and my girlfriends had the mushroom pappardelle pasta which was very light and delish. For appetizers we got 3 of the choices that were given to us since we were 3, the calamari salad, the pear salad and lentil soup. The pear salad was the best out of the 3. For dessert, again we did one of each. We were so full we just picked at them all. Nothing amazing, but they were tasty. Overall I would give the restaurant an 8 out of 10. I would go again. Here are some pix of the Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood.

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