Friday, October 16, 2009

Hue, Kelly Wearstler::

I had the privilege of working for Kelly Wearstler, as an intern, this past summer. I must stay, not to much surprise, it was amazing. The environment in itself was inspiring enough. She is such a sweet and kind lady, constantly saying thank you the second after she asks you for some help. I was able to work on some very interesting and creative projects that taught me a lot about design and color theory. I love her bold and eccentric taste in Design and how she can make a space look so fabulous by using several busy and colorful patterns and structures combined. I really believe her strength and ability to go with her gut and really stretch the limits of our "norms", is truly inspiring. While I was still interning, they were working on her new book Hue, its finally out and you MUST grab a copy of it. It is absolutely A-MAZING. You can pick up a copy at several bookstores or here.

Take a look at the pix for a sneak peak-Enjoy and try not to drool! 
“Wearstler opens the neoclassical gates into an epic realm, offering an intimate look into a 1926 James Dolena estate in Beverly Hills with an opulent Georgian-style main mansion, expansive guesthouse, gardens and grounds. A Paul Williams Bel-Air masterpiece is re-imagined as a textural metropolitan oasis with strong design details and an unexpected palette that reignites the mansion’s classic bones.”
-Hue 2009,

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  1. Ahh.. Your So lucky!!! Im glad to hear it was amazing... I might be applying to be an intern at Kelly wearstler... She is my MUSE! Such amazzing designs. Any advice??? :) Thanks Much! Tasha


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