Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My Pending (very early) Christmas "Wish" List::

There are tons and tons of items I have seen all year long that I have been dying to have. I figured why not make an "early" Christmas list, maybe someone will hear/see my hopes and wishes and make them come true. Till then, this will all be wishful thinking...I call this my internet Window Shopping session. When I was younger my mom would take me shopping and tell me you can't buy anything today, we're only doing "window shopping," which meant, I could quietly hint what I liked and wanted, and only hope to be pleasantly surprised on my birthday or christmas and sometimes on random occasions, for no reason at all. When I was younger, I would huff and puff and nag that I couldn't get anything that second as we were window shopping, but now I actually enjoy it. I like checking out what's in style, which bag is paired with which purse, What stylists are trying to do with the ever so present black tights, to revamp it and bring it up to date. What new way they have come up with the "new" jean; torn up, pencil, boot-cut. What the IT accessory of the season is. I like to see what the style is for the season and check back what I have at home  and make it work to my benefit. These items on my list, they are my wishful thinking christmas list. My eye candy and what's got me kicking this season. Don't be shy, my list can be your list as well, share them with your loved ones with a clever "internet" window shopping hint! Enjoy ;)

This dress looks so amazing on!

 be continued.. ..... ....   ;)

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  1. Cobalt blue coat is sweet! Would be perfect for NY!


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