Saturday, October 31, 2009

..SF continued

Here are a few photos from The Clift hotel and Asia de Cuba... I personally didn't really like the design of this Asia de Cuba. There was only 2 colors used in the restaurant, redwood and emerald green. The majority of the restaurant was redwood and they tried to add a very small hint of green by throwing in some emerald green floor lamps that were lost due to their low height. The hotel itself was nice, I thought it was much bigger, but they had some interesting design elements. They had one wall that was covered in redwood with several tiles with photos of animals on them.  They had several furniture pieces that were interesting. They had a rectangular coffee table with a female leg as the actual leg of the table and a small hand coming through from the bottom as if the body was smashed into it as it was being built. Photo's fooled the eye on this one. Take a look and tell me what you think =)

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