Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Usually when I am looking for inspiration to pull ideas from, I start off by picking a main subject or two that interests me at that time. For example; Carrara marble bathrooms, pillows, lamps, all white rooms, etc. I pick an idea or concept and begin researching on that concept. As I research and find images, in those images I see items or room styles that spark a new interests and I continue on from there. I go with whatever mood I seem to be in that day (if there isn't a specific idea I am looking for) and what ideas pop into my head.
I love using a monochromatic scheme to design a room (especially ALL white rooms) but today I really wanted to pull some ideas for rooms that give a splash of one color, where you walk into a room and immediately feel the dominance of that one color. Today I focused on Turquoise/Teal. Some turquoise shades give off am old-fashioned 50s, 60s flare, whereas a teal will give off a more sophisticated and sharper look when used.

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