Friday, October 23, 2009

Unique Lighting

I wanted to share some really funky, different and very unique lighting options with you guys. I am noticing people are trying to get more and more creative with their designs, trying to raise the bar and come up with something the other hasn't thought of. There are many ways you can light up your space besides the usual table lamp, floor lamps, etc. Lighting is a very important detail alot of people tend to push aside. You can choose the mood you are trying to set in your space by the type of lighting you go for, based on different bulbs as well as the way they are placed. Accent lighting adds drama to a room and creates visual interest. Thats where spot lighting comes into play. Spot lighting will put emphasis on a specific area or object you are aiming for- i.e., a painting, a sculpture or a specific wall. Decorative lighting is used as a design element. For example, an oversized table lamp with a black shade (black shades don't allow too much light through, so it doesn't become very functional) or a chandelier above a bed. There is also the basic task lighting, which is the type of lighting every home needs. Light is used for functional purposes, such as to read a book, to write, etc. There are tons of different ways and types of lighting, I just wanted to give you guy a general idea. Here are some very unique lighting options that I enjoyed

Tramp Lamps (love the name ;) ), by Kelly Butler.
These lamps are so cute, especially as a gift to a future bride or party favor for a bridal shower!

"The creative force behind Scabetti is the English design duo, Dominic and Frances Bromley. The organic forms and tactile, high quality English made materials, are characteristic of their work.....All Scabetti’s work is made by hand in England, and designed by Frances and Dominic Bromley."- About Us,

Popcorn Lamp, by Katharina Holzer

Jelly In a Bubble, lighting by Lone Stidsen

Plexiglass column covered by rolled paper

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