Tuesday, November 24, 2009

10 Things I Am Thankful For::

1. My mom. I don't know what I would do without her... I love her crazy energy, her outrageous strength and her generous, loving and caring heart.

2. My sister. I cherish our unspoken love for one another, I would do anything and everything for her and I know the feeling is mutual (even though she can act like its not)

3. My grandmothers- you guys are the cutest and most precious human beings, love you both and I value every second I have with you two. My cousins- truly cherish the memories we are creating together, hope we grow old and grumpy together. My aunt and uncles- thank you for all the love and support over the years.

4. My honey. We have gone through some crazy obstacles in the past few years, but they have made us stronger, closer and wiser. Thank you for your love and amazing support with EVERYTHING. Looking forward to the future. Xoxo

5. All my amazing friends. Thank you for all the support and encouragement, especially with this blog. You keep motivating me to continue with this very fun and exciting journey. You guys better not get bored! I'm just getting started.

6. My Blackberry! Yes I am on the Crackberry bandwagon, probably head of the list. My BB keeps me connected with what's going on in the world, I can run a business strictly from my phone and most importantly when anyone from my friends or family needs anything I am just a phone call, I mean text away. 100% addicted.

7. Starbuck's non-fat, no foam lattes. Latte, thank you for giving me my energy boost at 6:30 am, every morning.

8. My Mac. I want to apologize for not getting you sooner, I love you and thank you for helping me organize my life and keep me connected with this little thing called earth.

9. My Canon powershot camera. Im sorry I broke you, I promise to fix you soon... wanted to say thank you for helping me capture some very special moments from the past few years of my life.

10. My Blog followers. This has opened up many new doors for me with some amazing opportunities. I love being able to express myself and my interests with you all and I really enjoy reading your feedback (good or bad). I hope to continue on with this exciting adventure. Thank you to those who follow my blog and for all your kind words of encouragement. I appreciate every single click!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. i started getting all teary-eyed reading what you were thankful for like family and friends.. and then i got to number 6, hahaha ;]

    happy thanksgiving! <3

  2. haha! I needed to lighten up the mood...BUT I really am thankful for everything on that list!


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