Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Classy or Skanky::

Rihanna attended the 2009 Glamour Magazine Women of The Year Honors wearing these two dresses, the first by Stephane Rolland and the second, I couldn't source the designer, but once I do I will post that up for you guys. Both dresses were very beautifully done, complementing her physique and the cool color palette of pinks, nudes and purples, which definitely looked amazing against her bronze skin tone. But, I strongly believe that she did not need a slit that high up and a peek-a-boo moment definitely made that classy dress look skanky. It's unfortunate, because the dresses alone are such amazing pieces of art and the way you wear it and carry yourself in it makes such a big difference. You can wear a dress designed by one of the best designers out there, but if you don't wear it right or carry yourself appropriately, the dress just looks like any article of clothing out there.

Click here to see the full reveal of Rihanna's peek-a-boo moment

Check out the 33 page gallery via X17online

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