Thursday, November 5, 2009

Clothes for Our Windows:

I wanted to post some photos of window dressings for you guys. We don't usually pay too much attention to drapery, shades, or any type of dressing for our windows. We usually just push them to the side and leave them to our last decision. In fact, window treatments are a big part in finishing off your design. They can make a huge difference in the overall design of your space. There are so many stylish ways you can finish off your windows, from lucite rods to crystal beaded trims. I really love the look of white roman shades with black trimming. It's so crisp and classy. Here are a few photos for ideas and reference.

Interior Design, Betsy Burnham

Interior Designer, Muriel Brandolini

Interior Designer, Delphine Krakoff

Interior Designer, Steven Gambrel

Interior Designer, Steven Gambrel, French Riviera Chic

Interior Designer, Katie Ridder

Interior Designer, Frank Roop

Interior Designer, Lou Marotta
Above photos from Elle Decor, Point Click Home

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