Friday, November 20, 2009

Color Focus-Purple::

Like I have said before, I don't have a "favorite" anything, but this year along with the past couple years I am all about the color purple. It's not too feminine or too masculine, it's right in between, so it works well with my mood ;o). In color psychology, purple relates with royalty and nobility(stemming from classical antiquity when Tyrian Purple was only affordable to the elites). If you are trying to set a deep, dark and dramatic mood you can use deep eggplant or violet, and if you are going for more of a romantic, girly, sweet mood, you can use lavenders and lighter shades of purple mixed with whites and grays. Also, if you want to feel royal and elite you can use the mysterious shades of plum and wine.

Photos via Elle Decor, by designer Rafael de Cardenas apartment for cover girl Jessica Stam

Photos via Patricia Gray Inc

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