Monday, November 2, 2009

Crosby Street Hotel NY::

I was doodling online and came across this fabulous hotel in New York, The Crosby Hotel. (Anything with the words New and York automatically catch my attention.) The interior design, by Kit Kemp, is very English Eccentric. She uses many different patterns and colors, that work so well together and easy for the eye to view. It's always risky combining so many different patterns and textures together, because most of the time it becomes to overpowering or "confusing" to us. I think its a very unique gesture to be able to succeed at combining all these elements together and making it all fall into place as one. And Kit Kemp does an amazing job and defining the work Eccentric. Take a look at this hotel. I cant wait to stop by once we get to NY!

Drawing Room

The Crosby Bar

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