Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eclectic Living Rooms::



 : noting or pertaining to works of architecture, decoration, landscaping, etc., produced by a certain person or during a certain period, that derive from a wide range of historic styles, the style in each instance often being chosen for its fancied appropriateness to local tradition, local geography, the purpose to be served, or the cultural background of the client.

I wanted to start off the new week with some very unique Eclectic living room designs. If I were to choose one design style that defined my own style, I would pick Eclectic. I love mixing things up and using ideas that you usually wouldn't expect to see used in one given style. I think it's actually easier for the future as well, if you are tired of the same look, its easier to transform your room without having to change every thing in the room. You can add a few new items and take out a few old and you have a new room. Take a look at these rooms I absolutely love.

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