Monday, November 23, 2009

Flea Market Finds::

My mom and I were up bright and early sunday morning to head out to the Santa Monica Airport flea market. The SMA flea market is open every 1st and 4th sunday of every month, never on the 5th sunday. I was really looking forward to this sundays flea market, because I have several different projects I am working on so I was on a mission to find some gold!...... I ended up finding some jewels =)

Usually with flea markets, its a hit or miss, so your taking a shot at it when you decide to show up at 6:00 am, hoping to find some unique pieces. This time around, I was pleasantly surprised. We saw beautiful, eccentric Suzani pillows to 1950's vintage embroidered coats and antique 1960's furniture, reupholstered with some glitzy, glamorous fabrics and crystals.

Quality time with mom + flea market exploration= great way to start off my sunday. I was in heaven!
Here are a few photos, take a look!

These fountains were so cute. Set up literally in the middle of all the vendors were these collections of fountains. 1st photo is a Chair Fountain. 2nd photo is a Wagon Fountain and the wagon is sitting on a little bridge. Thought these 2 stood out the most and were very unique. They reminded me of the readymade's, where an object("found art") is taken out of its usual mechanical use and placed in a different atmosphere or technical way and its considered Art.

This vendor had great pieces of furniture that she had reupholstered with linen fabric and added some crystal broches too and made them look updated vintage. Very flirty vintage and antique pieces.

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  1. those are some pretty sweet flea market finds!


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