Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift Ideas for the Host of the Party::

I am sure many of you are invited to several different holiday parties and dinners, so I wanted to get together a list of a few gift items for the home that may help you guys out. I always like to take something to the host as a thank you for all the invite and for all the effort and time they put into making the night happen. Even if its something small, a thank you gesture is always appreciated. Here are a few fun, cute, usable and stylish gift ideas.

Jonathan Adler Salt & Pepper Shakers

Jonathan Adler decorative vase

What a beautiful serving set! So dainty and organic looking with a touch of glam with the gold finish!
Michael Aram Dandellion Serving Set
Daffodil Chip And Dip Enamel
Daffodil Chip And Dip Polished
Daffodil Chip and Dip Enamel

This candles scent is delicious and last a pretty long time! Trish McEvoy Blueberry Vanilla

Set of four frame placemats (available in white and green also)
ruffle multi frame - silver
Ruffle multi frame
Emma Ireland 3 Wick Candle by Fringe
Emma Ireland 3 wick candle

Emma Black Lace 3 Wick Candle by Fringe
Black lace candle
Set of 4 Hummingbird Votives by Fringe
Set of 4 hummingbird votives

Olive Branch Candleholder/Menorah by Michael Aram
Olive branch candle holder/Menorah by Michael Aram

Eve Tea Lights Black by Juliska
Eve tea lights black
Click here to view larger image

Click here to view larger image
Click here to view larger image

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