Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Last Minute Gifts for Him::

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for that special someone in your life, family, friend, boss, etc. I've come to realize guys are usually happy with anything unless they are super picky. As long as you put a little thought and effort into your gift, thats all that matters. Oh, and a nice card! I love receiving cards, this year try and take a few minutes to write the things you love about them or are thankful for. Everyone likes to be reminded once in awhile.

Saksfifthavenue, Prada toiletry bag $260

Saksfifthavenue, Prada credit card holder, $170

Saksfifthavenue, Prada wallet, $340

UGG® Australia 'Scuff' Slipper (Men)
Nordstrom, Ugg slippers, $64.95

Nordstrom. Toms 'Classic' Canvas Slip-Ons, $43.95
Cool thing about these shoes are, 1-they are super comfortable and light, you can even wear them around the house. 2. For every pair you buy, TOM's gives a new pair of shoes to a child in need. So, the more the merrier!

Nordstrom, David Donahue leather credit card holder, $45

Nordstrom, Boss leather belt, $55.
This belt would look great with jeans!

Nordstrom. Salvatore Ferragamo skinny leather tie, $270
This tie is pretty hot!

Nordstrom, Velour Lounge Set, $65.90
A guy can never have too many sweat suits. I like the color and cut of this one.

Flip UltraHD U2120 Black Camcorder, 2" LCD Display,  2 Hours of HD Recording Time, 8GB Memory

Walmart, Flip Camcorder $179
I used one of these flip cameras the other day and they are so convenient and handy. They can fit in your pocket and the size makes it so easy and quick to capture those special moments. I want one!

Beer Tender by Krups
Bloomingdales, Beer tender, $99.99

"G-Shock" Watch, 53.2 X 50 mm
Bloomingdales, G-Shock, $89
The Men's Store at Bloomingdale's Travel Blanket
Bloomingdales, Travel blanket, $99
I thought this would be a nice gift for someone who travels often.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Deluxe Gift Set
Bloomingdales, Jean Paul Gaultier Gift Set, $85
I usually don't like giving cologne/perfume as a gift, because I feel like its a little impersonal, but sometimes its the appropriate gift to give and works well for christmas. I love the smell of this cologne!

Getbuckyballs, $29.95
216 rare earth magnets are just like silly putty but made of metal. For those moments you want to stare out into space while sitting on your desk, just grab this desk toy and stare away


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  2. I love the Nordstrom. Toms 'Classic' Canvas Slip-Ons and the Saksfifthavenue, Prada toiletry bag perfect gift for my dad's birthday.


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