Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rugs on Top of Rugs

Elle Decor has a small article on using rugs on top of rugs. The idea is interesting to me and I think it definitely fills up the space and gives a room some depth and coziness. There's nothing better than walking barefoot in your home and feeling the soft and warm texture of fabric gliding underneath. In our home, we have sisal carpet covering our entire living room floor and we have placed a rug (proportional in size) on top of the carpet, adding some richness to the room without giving that feeling of fear in walking into a fancy living room.
Here is the small article via Elle Decor. "Few decorating effects are as simple as artfully layered rugs—the subtle depth they bring to a room may not be the first thing you notice, but the look always leaves a lasting impression. Versatile sisal matting often provides the perfect neutral background, but don’t be afraid to pile on patterns, textures, and colors."


  1. HI, I'm writing an entry on layered rugs and am linking it back to you. Thanks!

  2. Sure, no problem...Nice blog, good luck!


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