Monday, December 14, 2009

Rustic Elegance::

As I work on different projects, I am beginning to realize what I like most out of all the different styles I work with and right now I am really enjoying the rustic, rawness of homes. My eyes are constantly drawn to organic furniture pieces, raw wood accents and natural elements. It feels so inviting, warm and comfortable and the color tones mostly used in rustic homes are very soothing and relaxing. I see an image of a rustic decor and immediately I want to tae of my shoes, roll up in the corner of a soft and fluffy sofa and drink my hot coco. My favorite element seen in most rustic and well as traditional homes, is the farmhouse sink. Looking through the December/January issue of House Beautiful, I saw designer Jill Sharp Brinson's Atlanta House, where rustic meets industrial and it looks amazing.

The built-in bookcase and balcony make a great area to read and still b connected to what's going on down below.

Love this double sink console, the faucets are so industrial but very elegant with the combination of the carrera marble countertops.

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