Thursday, December 3, 2009

Snowflake Wreath by One of Design Sparks Readers::

I just received a lovely email from one of my readers, Sharista Shourie, and she shared with me her own handmade snowflake wreath, inspired by my earlier post on the Paper Snowflake Wreath. I think she did a beautiful job and its even more special because she added her own special touch. This is a great activity to do at home with your loved ones. Its relaxing and the end result is always positive. I have included Sharista's email which provides a very thorough explanation on how to make her own special wreath. The best thing about art and design is there are NO limitations. Anything is possible! Taker a look at Sharista's beautiful wreath below.
P.S. This project only cost her $40.00!

"So my Mom and I put together the wreath and added some extra stuff to it and used slightly different materials than what was listed for Martha Stewart's wreath.  We weren't able to find the bouquet holders so instead we used doilies.  Unfortunately they are not as pretty as the bouquet holders in the picture.  So to enhance the wreath we added some color with some faux holiday foliage.  Also, instead of white holiday lights that have to be plugged into an outlet, we found some that are battery operated (too bad they are green and not white, although you could probably spray paint them white if you wanted to).  Having the battery lights is more convenient because you don't have to have an outlet nearby.  We hung the wreath outside our apartment door.  We bought all of the materials at Michaels craft store.  Very easy and fun project!!  Thanks for the idea :) "

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