Sunday, January 31, 2010

2010 Grammy's::

Here are a few photos from, who has been right on top of posting all the great photos from the Grammy's as well as some from Check them out!
Britney looks really cute and happy. Not sure about the outfit, but she looks happy so I give her an A(-).

Heidi  Klum looking fab as always!
I love the back of Katy Perry's dress. Love the color and her figure looks great in this dress!

Lady Gaga does it again! Fierce shoes, crazy outfit, funky accessory. Crazy all over and it looks AWESOME!
Above photos via

Rihanna looking very stylish. I really like her makeup, but she really needs to get rid of that hair.

Unfortunately, Beyonce's dress didn't do it for me. The dress itself is gorgeous and very well made, but it is not very flattering on her body.

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