Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ball-Nogues Studio::

Ball-Nogues Studio is a design and fabrication practice, creating experimental social enviornments. They are able to create these spaces by using unexpected materials, applying architectural elements in unusual and unique ways and by developing new digital tools. I saw their installation, Maximillians Schell, for the first time in Interior Design magazines December issue, which was temporarily installed at the Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles . The vortex-shaped installation which takes up the size of an apartment building is constructed in tinted Mylar resembling stained glass. The shadows it casts along the floor is a design on its own. I was intreged by this piece and it encouraged me to take a closer look at their installations. I wanted to share a few more pictures of their work with you guys.

Maximillian's Schell, 2005

Liquid Sky, 2007

Feathered Edge, 2009

Sculptural Cardboard Workspace, 2009

Rip Curl Canyon, 2006

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