Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Katy Perry and Russell Brand Engaged::

I actually don't really care that Russell Brand and Katy Perry are engaged (sorry Russel and Katy or any die hard fans), I just used that as a Title, figured that might catch your attention more than "I Want a Picture With That Background!"

This photo is such a great shot, it makes me want to drive to the airport and go to India with my honey just to take the same exact photo and come back! I just want to know who took that pic, if it was just a random tourist walking along, I'm even more jealous and angry! You know how hard it is to find someone who doesn't even know you to be able to take a decent picture, let alone a gorgeous one like this!?

Anyhow, I'm loving this pic and if you are interested in the Russell Brand/Katy Perry engagement you can check it out Here , Here or Here

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