Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chandeliers in Bedrooms::

I know putting a chandelier may seem a little over the top or fancy, but I really like the feeling it gives to a room. There are so many different style to choose from depending on what style your room is. For the most part it adds a little romance to a room, especially if your using a chandelier that has crystals hanging down. If you want to go for a more subtle, calm and relaxed look, there are many chandeliers without crystals applied to them that you can use, which will give off a modern and simple mood. I found a few bedrooms with chandeliers that I really liked, you can pull some ideas from these photos. One look I really like is when pendant lights are used in place of night lights. I love how the lighting comes down from the ceiling and stops a few inches before hitting the table. It adds a dramatic effort I enjoy.

Above photos via DecorPad


  1. Hey Laura, Angie (your ex-housemate for summer school in nyc) here (:
    Just wanted to say I LOVE reading your blog.

    I love the chandeliers you have in this this,I've got one in my room too and it really does make everything seem prettier heh.

  2. Hey Angie!! So good to hear from you and that your checking my blog across the world! Hope all is well, Im glad you are enjoying it...Send me a pic of your room!


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