Monday, January 11, 2010

Emmerson Troop

My mom and I were out and about yesterday morning on Beverly in West La, roaming around for some goodies. Unfortunately, majority of the design stores were closed, it was my mistake I didn't realize until we turned onto Beverly. It wasn't that bad, we did some window shopping and found some pieces we were both really interested in. We stopped in front of Emmerson Troop for about 20 minutes just looking through the window at their lighting. We both liked several of their pieces looking through the window, I cant imagine how many more well find once we walk in. I went on their website, Emmerson Troop, and found one of the chandeliers we like (the 1st image below), the rest I found interesting online.. Take a look and don't forget to check out their website, they have some fabulous vintage pieces!

I loved this chandelier! We saw it in 3 different sized, I thought they would look great with 3 running down a long hallway.

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