Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ingleside Inn, Palm Springs::

Palm Springs has many little antique shops all around, especially some very popular Boutique Hotels. When you walk into them you can smell the antiquity of your surrounding. We went to a restaurant called Melvyns at the Ingleside Inn, and as soon as we walked in I got that familiar smell of old vintage furniture. The Inn was originally owned by the Humphrey Birge family in 1925 for 10 years, owners of the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company. Due to the collapse of the matriarch clan, Ruth Hardy, a lady from Indiana, bought the land. She apparently changed the face of the town as well as the Inn. The special thing about the Inn at that time was, you had to be invited my Mrs.Hardy herself, you could not make reservations. You also weren't able to eat at the restaurant unless you were a guest, and if you were a friend of one of her guests staying there, she had to approve of you before you were allowed in. Sounds like quite the lady. I love strong willed women! Ruth Hardy passed in 1965 and the Inn was sold to a San Francisco banking family whom after 10 years, due to their absence, took the Inn downhill. The last owner since 1975 became New York businessman Melvyn Haber, who renovated the Inn completely and created Melvyn's Restaurant and the Casablanca Lounge. We were privileged to have seen Mr.Haber wondering around the restaurant making sure every guest was satisfied.

We had dinner at Melvyns and it was such a cute little historical place. It was interesting to be where such amazingly talented individuals had been and spent so much of their time. It's a very traditional little restaurant with a very cozy patio area. The service was great and it was nice, because most of their dishes are prepared table-side. I recommend this restaurant for those who are in the mood for some old-school, classic decor and service. Really enjoyed my night. Oh they also had a singer singing old-school Sinatra songs which was perfect!


  1. Wow! This place sounds awesome. Is this where you stayed? How do you find these places Laura?

  2. Haha, we just stumbled upon it ;)
    No, we didn't stay there, we just went for Dinner...It was so nice. We really enjoyed ourselves..


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