Monday, February 15, 2010

Barbrix Restaurant, Silverlake Ca::

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a very special Valentine's Day with your loved ones and are starting off your week with a positive and happy outlook!

Lately I have been spending some time out in Silverlake Ca and I have been discovering some very cool spots. I was out visiting a friend at the NaturalMind Beauty & Beyond salon/art gallery and after his shift, we headed over to Barbrix wine bar and restaurant. We sat in the patio which was very cozy and inviting, covered with red umbrellas with lights splashing through. The interior of the restaurant was very warm, people looked like they were having a great time enjoying their food and wine and the company they were with. The food is tapas style smaller portions, it was delicious! This isn't somewhere you come if you are starving and looking for abundance of food. Its a very sweet little place for a relaxing night to enjoy good quality food with a 1-2 or 3 hour sitting. We had the grilled polenta which was to die for-melts in your mouth, the treveso salad was very light an refreshing and the shishito peppers were delic, but super spicy so beware. A unique part of the restaurant that caught my attention as I was leaving was the table filled with a dew different business cards, promoting the areas other business owners. A very sweet and kind gesture, like a litttle circle of friend supporting each other businesses. They also offer cooking classes, which is a genius idea. Seems like fun for someone who needs some extra help in that department, or even needs ideas on a unique date spot! You guys should definitely try this restaurant. You wont be disappointed!

Crispy Grilled Polenta, yum!

Shishito Peppers

Treveso Salad

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