Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Living Room Inspirations Through HouseBeautiful::

I am in the process of designing a living room for a friend and wanted to do some research. The room is a bit small so we need to be very careful and fin the perfect layout so the room is functional but not too crowded as well. House Beautiful always has some good photos to look back on and pull some ideas from. I  Included a few pictures of the living rooms that I thought looked great. I really like to use color and some pattern here and there. I think when you add a bold pattern to an overall subdued room, it adds great depth and dimension. Take a look at these very different living room, hope you are able to pull some ideas and get inspired by all the talented designers below!

The dark lacquered walls in this room work so well especially because of the light reflecting onto it.
Designer, Miles Redd

Fun and Flirty
Designer, Jonathan Berger

I love anything Ikat!
Designer, Eric Cohler

A pop of orange and white painted wood floors with interspersed motifs- a very custom look!
Designer, Jeffrey Bilhuber

Raw-I am really enjoying the all natural, wood and organic feel these days. The back to back sofa always work well for a very large space without splitting the room too drastically.
Designer, Jeffrey Bilhuber

Love love love this room. It's so simple and there are fewer elements but that blue pillow and the painting on the wall really make this room pop.
Designer, Milly de Cabrol

Great coffee tables and fun rug
Designer, Annie Selke

Modern and Rustic, the look I am eyeing these days. Perfect for a beach house
Designer, Kay Douglass

There's a lot more where that came from. Check's Photo Galleries section for ideas on Living Rooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens, etc

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