Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feeling The Blues::

The March 2010 Spring color issue of House Beautiful covers all shades of blue; navy, baby blue, turquoise, opal, sky blue, teal, you name it. They cover some really beautiful spaces in this issue. If you are a lover of blue, you will fall in love with this issue. There are so many different ideas and styles that have been combined, its great to be able to see and pull ideas for your own projects. I have added some pictures of the rooms I liked most, but there are more where that came from and I suggest all of you pick up a copy. Looking through the magazine was very refreshing. You see blues matched with gold, blues matched with yellows, blues pretty much matched with everything and they all work together so well. Blue tends to be a very soothing color, thats why we see it so often in beach houses. Anyhow, enjoy the pix!

Design by Kim Coleman & Michele Greene

Design by Tobi Fairley

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