Thursday, February 11, 2010

NaturalMind Beauty & Beyond:

I went to this new salon and art gallery in Silverlake yesterday called NaturalMind Beauty & Beyond and I was left in awe. The salon owner and designer Arnaud Ozharun has been in the business of beauty for the last 36 years in over 5 countries around the world. He is a very talented, creative and unqiue French Armenian stylist. The amazing part of the salon is not only the amazing hair styles they create with its 10 stylist (including Arnaud) but the salon is a gallery as well. The walls are covered with red and white bricks with white panels in front, glowing from underneath, lifting up the walls magically. All their products are organic, biodynamic and 100% natural. I had a haircut yesterday and he did an amazing job and his products left my hair so soft and shiny and most important HEALTHY. My hair smells delicious, the products have no added scents to them. The scent all comes from the natural ingredients used. He is also renting out the space for events/parties/film festivals, etc, which is genius because all the stations are mobile and they get pushed back against the walls and there is 6,000 sq ft to work with, with a 20 car private parking lot. The salon is very raw, natural and refreshing. And one very unique aspect of the salon is the jaw dropping Vertical Garden he has growing all around the exterior of the building. The Vertical Garden was created by french designer, Patrick Blanc, a very special concept that Arnaud is the firs to introduce to the states. His salon has the first permit to grow the vertical garden. Literally, the entire exterior of the building will be covered with 25,000 different plants. At the moment, the plants can be seen but not in full bloom. This location is a must see! Check out a few photos below.

This mobile VIP private station is for those looking for privacy. For the starlet who doesn't want to be seen, to the Bride to be and for all other special occasion. The doors close up and you have a mini room all to your self.

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  1. I am also doing a job in Salon and my job is going very good. I read your post its nice post and i also plan for my own salon business.


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