Friday, March 19, 2010

Cozy and "Usable" Dining Rooms:

In most homes, the dining room is set up so grand and luxurious, you wait until you have more than 6 people for dinner before you sit them down in your dining area. I have realized that most of the interaction at home events happen in the kitchen and around the kitchen table. People want to be comfortable when they interact with you over a nice meal and delicious drinks. Although the decor and beauty of the room is very important, I think its even more important to make sure the room is inviting and comfortable. Take a look at a few of these dining rooms that are stylish and are not intimidating to actually use.

I've seen this photo on the internet/magazines a few times now and every time I see it I love it all over again. I think the vibe board in the dining area is so personable and genius!
Designer, John Peixinho

Those chairs look so comfy! The chandelier is made up of love letters on Japanese paper!
Designer, Myra Hoefer

Fab suzani upholstered chairs, add so much color to the overall white palette of the kitchen.
Designer, Allison Caccoma

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