Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"The Well-Dressed Home," by Annette Tatum

They were kind enough to send me a copy of "The Well-Dressed home" over at Annette Tatum, so I wanted to share my reviews with you all. I read the book during my plane ride and it made the 5 hours flight fly by very quickly. It was such a fun, easy and inspiring read. The book basically shows you how you can be inspired to decorate your home without even really going out and putting so much effort in the "research process." Inspirations surround you in your day  to day life, especially in your own closet!  Part Two: Design Style Guide, is my favorite section in the book. It's not so much a definition of specific styles, but more of a description/idea. It gives the reader, especially someone who is not very familiar with design terminology, a look into 11 design styles for you the better understand; romantic, couture, classic, casual, bohemian, retro, resort, modern, eclectic, vintage and eco. If you are someone who enjoys design, wants to become a designer, wants to decorate your own home or you are simply someone looking for inspiration, this is the book for you. It guides you in the right direction on how to work your creative mind in a very helpful, descriptive and simple way.  Most designers, as they are getting ready for a new design, they prepare style boards, also known as vibe boards, inspiration boards(sheet). These boards are basically a collection of ideas and inspirations the designers put together to pull ideas from, then they show the client so they can better understand the concept behind the design. Inspirations come from all over, fashion, textiles, restaurants, travel, your closet, work, history books, etc. Annette does a great job at showing the readers exactly how its done with her before and after photos in her book of the style boards and then the room itself that follows. I have added a few photos for you to get an idea of, but you MUST get a copy of this book to get a better idea of the concept. I wish this book were pocket size I could carry it around with me everywhere like a roadmap!

Annette created her first set of bedding in 1994, and ever since she has been a house hold name with her lines House and Little House. She has designed many celebrity homes and has been covered all over the press. She has a store in Santa Monica, Ca and all her products can be found on her fabulous website

Take a look at a few of my highlights from the book.
click here to buy the book

The photos below are of the Style Boards followed by the Final Room Designs, inspired by the style boards
Before= Style board, After= Final room design


Before: Style Board

After: Room 



Please make sure to grab your copy of The Well-Dressed Home here or here

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