Monday, April 19, 2010

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I have been looking around for these matches everywhere! I used to see them at little boutiques once in awhile, but the selection would always be minimal. I finally found a great source that carries these beautiful matches in several different designs at elizabethsembellishments . I don't smoke or have too many friend that do, but I do love candles and having a pair of stylish matches in your pocket, purse or coffee table can never hurt. It's not common to see such patterns or designs applied on matches, but I think it adds a fun effect to something so "masculine." The best part is, these boxes are reusable, so once the 60 matches run out, you can use the box for things such as, kleenex, jewelry, pills, business cards, etc. They can even be used as party favors! Or just great to use during your parties or dinners, instead of the typical restaurant matches! They're only $2.95, and there are tons to choose from. Take a look here.
Matches in
Matches in Bees BoxMatches in Happy Birthday Box
Matches in French Botanical BoxMatches in Nest Box

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