Thursday, April 8, 2010

Who Said a Rug Isn't a Painting?::

Just received the new Anthropologie catalogue and had to share its awesomeness with you all! They have done such a great job staging all of their home products. I love it when people think "outside the box" and totally take a step away from the norm. Anthropologie has definitely done that, using a Rug as a Painting, by simply adding a frame around a rug. Now, they don't sell rugs with frames around them, but as they showcase their merchandise they are showing their viewers an alternative option to work with. The best part about design is that there are NO rules. Anthropologie always applies such beautiful textiles to their pieces, they're fun, happy, light hearted and definitely unique. Unfortunately, most of their products are pricey, but its definitely a good source to get inspired by. Check out these detailed handcrafted rugs, exclusively for Anthropolige. Hey, at least for the amount you are spending you have double the usage! Once your tired of seeing the same rug on the floor, throw it up against your wall and you have a whole new look, voila!

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