Thursday, May 6, 2010

Designer Spotlight: Philippe Starck

I am sure many of you are already familiar with French designer Philippe Starck, but for those of you who are not the images below may help you better understand who he is. With products ranging from toothbrushes to chairs, Starck is as well know for his product designs as he is for his interior designs. He began his road to "fame" in 1982 when he designed the interiors of the private apartment for the French President. In 2002, he did a extensive collection of inexpensive products for very famous American retailer, Target. What I respect most about his work is, he doesn't just create products that are appealing to the eye, but ones that are useable by everyday households. It seems there are absolutely no limits as far as his designs and that alone makes his work so noticeable. Who would think of putting a face on a stool and actually using it put up your feet or to sit on? Stools in the shape of Tea cups? Or a gun as a lamp base, really?  They seem like personal fetish's put into life for everyone of us to use and make our own. This is definitely someone who thinks outside the box, and I love it! It's quite simple though, he takes generally small objects that we use in life and blows them up and allows us to use them in a different environment or manner. For example, his larger than life planters at The Mondrion (see pic below), he has literally used a simple flower pot, blown it up and used it as a planter causing a tremendous mood shift as you walk through the patio of the restaurant in the hotel. The face stool, who would have ever thought to apply a face onto something people generally use to sit on or put up their feet? Philippe Starck does, and he does it with excellence! His work sometimes reminds me of Marcel Wanders in that they both seem to have these crazy fetishes they apply into their work and we get these whimsical almost fairy-tale like creations to witness. 


Year 2001, for Kartel

Louis Ghost, 2002, Kartell
Emeco, 2003
Driade, 2004

Bonze, XO 2005

Miss Lacy, Driade 2007

Miss T, Xo 2008
St. Martins Lane Hotel, 1999
Mondrian Hotel West Hollywood, 1997
Kong, 2003

Sanderson Hotel England, 2000

Yoo Downtown by Starxk, 2004, New York
SLS Hotel Los Angeles, 2008

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