Tuesday, May 25, 2010

IKEA Finds::

Looking to revamp your living room, bedroom or bathroom under a tight budget? Im here to help. I just went on Ikea and found some really cute items that will add a lot of style, personality and umph to any room you are trying to redecorate. From office storage to living room accents, I did the research, all you have to do is enjoy the goodies. Take a look and a few of my selections. Please feel free to leave a comment below letting me know if this search was helpful or not!
This rug is great to add some dimension and color to a room. If it were me, I would even hang this up on a major wall as a painting! (also available in navy blue)
I thought the graphic print on these magazine files were real fun. They'll add a fun element to an overall white room with some navy and red accents. Helps organize while looking neat.

This chair is great for an office space... even in the kitchen if you have a small area where you keep your mail and some paperwork. The fabric pattern can really soften a room with its floating flowers and playful stitched bird in the center.
What a fun, vibrant and happy accent to a room. I feel like this is something you would see at Anthropolgie. You can throw this in the corner of your room and have people pull it up and just sit on it casually around the coffee table. Or even as a center pillow for your bedding.
With a 32" diameter, this pendant lamp would look fab over a kitchen or dining table.
Nervous about adding a big splash of color to your room? This bright red lamp will add some energy and a great pop of color, taking up minimal space. Remember- baby steps!
This table lamp is definitely quit unique. This lamp is probably the first item I have seen on Ikea that goes "outside the box" and norm of Ikea's overall contemporary pieces. Its very structured and looks like a designer piece. Definitely a piece that will catch people's attention. The lamp shade is adjustable which is great to direct the light to your convenience.
This table is nice and clean. Perfect for 4 chairs, max 6 and I think it will look great paired with the chairs below.
With this chair, I think 4 would be the max that would fit. You can add 2 smaller acrylic chairs at the head of the table.

Love this round rug! Great pop of color.

This is one of my favorite must have pieces! Im obsessed with stripes and I think no matter what, they look good in any size, shape or color.

Rug or wall art... you choose.

These antique inspired mirrors are real cute for a babies room or a little girls room or even in your dressing area. They're flirty and romantic. They'd look great with several of them scattered along the wall.
This solid wood dresser is fab! My girlfriend actually got one for her room and it looks great with her teal walls. She even has the nightstand that compliments this piece.

If you don't need all the extra drawers, you can get this style as well

These glasses are great, especially for summer time parties or dinners!

These are great place mats and super easy to clean. Just wipe with a damp cloth and your done.

Solid wood sink cabinets with white countertop.  Sink is centered to the left. Great modern and clean look, perfect for a small bathroom.

These sink is great also. A little more masculine due to the black countertop. The sink is centered in the middle. Great for a bachelor pad!

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