Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carrie and Bigs New York City Apartment::

In case you haven't seen it yet, here is a small glimpse into Carrie and Bigs fabulous New York City apartment! I saw the movie last week with a group of my girlfriends and it was very fun, but I would have loved to see the "city" a bit more. Besides that, the glitz and glamour was definitely satisfying, especially in that amazing Abu Dhabi hotel! 
I loved how the apartment was masculine enough for Big yet had those Carrie-ish elements here and there, especially with those amazing textiles. The Rug Company's gorgeous handmade rugs and cushion were featured in the couples chic apartment. I love love love all of the Rug Company's pieces and there store front is so fab with their bright orange pattern along the exterior of the building. Take a closer look into their apartment below and don;t forget to visit The Rug Company, you might actually be able to share the same rug Carrie and Big had in their own pad!


  1. Great rug! I wasn't planning to see the movie, but I've heard so much about the design I might have to see it.

  2. It's worth it just for the designs alone! Great fun fabric patterns on your website btw!

  3. Love the apartment and the colors that were chosen.


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