Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Living in a Textile World::

Everywhere we look, we are surrounded by beautiful hand crafted textiles. After taking a few weaving and textile design classes this past year, I grew a new appreciation for the fabrics and the dyeing and weaving process. I had the chance to hand weave on a loom and the process was oddly very therapeutic. Its funny how you take advantage of such simple things in general, but once you actually get into it and figure out how things are created you appreciate them and value them much more. Now, instead of breezing through the textile departments in stores or boutiques, I stop and take a closer look and ask myself, "was this pattern dyed or hand weaved." " is this acid dyes or natural dyes," and mostly, " wow this must have took a very long time." The actual weaving process is quite easy. Its the initial process thats the trickiest and most time consuming, where you measure the length desired and getting the strings through the looms parts. Anyhow, my point being, I loved fabrics before, the patterns, colors and designs, but now that I know the actual process I have a better appreciation for them and truly see it as a beautiful process. Here are a few textile designs i particularly love. Textiles come in many different shapes, sizes and forms and they all have their own story and in many cases can start a whole new story. At least in my eyes they do... Take a look

This is what a weaving loom looks like for those of you not familiar with the process.

Abaza Resist in Indigo; cotton, linen

Suzani silk blanket
upholstered headboard
Selection of modern Lao silk scarves
silk Ikat scarves

vintage suzani chairs

bath towels
Product Image Global Girlfriend Silken Strength Pouch - Turquoise
silk pouch
Product Image Set of 3 Fabric - Willow (24 x 12" Each)
fabric wall panels
a set of embroidery hoops framing different fabrics hung on a wall
wall art created out of fabric inlaid in embroidery hoops
Fabric-Covered Frames
fabric covered frames

ribbon weave purse
hand woven baskets
handwoven organic baby blankets
Hand Woven Wool Wall Art
Hand Woven Wool Wall Art
handwoven wool wall art
upholstered chairs

fabric everywhere!
bedding and rug

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