Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Organizing:

Im currently in the process of moving office's and getting organized, so I've been thinking of some fun ways to get things in order. Filing, paperwork and any type of office work can easily get very boring and tiring, so I wanted to make sure I surround myself with items that are happy, vibrant and pleasing to the eye. I found some very fun items to get my office organized and wanted to share my finds and ideas of how to get your place in order!

File Folders from Charmingcards
This website has some amazing designer organizing tools!
These Book Boxes are great to use as fillers and as storage for anything from pencils, staples, remotes, pins, tape, etc. They're graphic and have a practical use to them!
These boxes are glam and useful at the same time! Don't let the antique look fool you, these boxes can carry some valuable office supplies!

i found this image on craftzine. and thought it was a very creative way to display products. I thought it would be nice to get some floral tin cans and put some supplies in there as well...
bridalpartytees. You can get creative and design your own!
or you can use candleholders as pencil holders!

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