Thursday, July 8, 2010

Hot Summer Bracelets!

The Chan Luu wrap bracelets are what all the celebrities are wearing right. Unfortunately not everyone can afford a $100-$300 bracelet and stack up in 3-5's. Stores like Kitson and Madison are selling similar bracelets for $58-$130 and you can find them at for just  $15-$30!! These are the MUST have bracelets for summer. They are light, fun and look great stacked up with several different colors and styles. They are perfect as a gift for your family and friends or simply for yourself! Check out's collection of wrap bracelets now! Grab em while they last!

$58 at kitson
Katie Costello "The Fiona" Wrap
$140 at Madison
$15-$30 at ShopDesignSpark!!

1 comment:

  1. Similarly all celebrities these days, on or off screen, can be seen with this kind of bracelets which make it the latest fashion fad these days.
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