Thursday, August 12, 2010

...and More Leopard!:

I got a lot of feedback on my "Crazy for Leopard" post yesterday so I just wanted to do a follow up of some more Leopard accessories for all you kitty cats! Enjoy the eye candy!
(a sincere apology to those who might despise leopard!)

Kipling Kasey 13" - 15" Laptop Case in Leopard Spots - AC3736-995
I know all my blog lovin ladies must be lugging their laptops with them everywhere they go; work, travel, sometimes dinner-guilty! This Kipling laptop cover is too cute with its more modern approach to leopard print.
DVF leopard bikini saksfifthavenue

umm, another MUST have. So chic, See by Chloe clutch bag, saksfifthavenue

not so sure about this phone case, its definitely growing on me...but, not quit convinced I can deal with leopard every single minute. =/
Kourtney Kardashian happens to be one of my fav Kardashian sisters, one of the main reasons being her style. Its always effortlessly chic... SOmetimes its TOO much when couples are matchy matchy with their outfits, but her and Scott Disick do it well in these getups.
photo via officialkourtneyk. click in link to find out where you can find these looks
leopard print Mug
for your morning cup of coffee! cafepress

sporty but chic watch, Baby-G , go figure! dealsdirect

via hollywood

Tarnish Asymmetrical Animal Print Felt Fedora
 Soo Lee Leopard Print Tunic Image
 Snow Leopard Infant Car Seat Cover
for all you new mommies =)
cutest little snow boots! Juicy Couture, saksfifthavenue
Erica Anenberg 'Leopard Twosome' Ring
leopard twosome ring
Jimmy Choo Leopard Print Clutch
Jimmy Choo clutch

safari print notecards, Crane & Co. saksfifthavenue

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