Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Recap:

This Saturday my sister's childhood best friend (since kindergarten), and practically my sister, got engaged! It was a beautiful ceremony held at the West Lake Village in out here in Ca. We had a chance to get together with some of our closest girlfriends and their significant others, dancing, drinking and partying away. They had done a gorgeous job with the decorations, the tables were covered with  turquoise organza over white linens, silver chargers, and feminine and flirty floral centerpieces with a variety of pink roses, fuschia orchids and white hydrengias. Of course there were tons of tea lights all over the tables adding to the very romantic and flirty decor.
And to top off our weekend, we ended with a delicious Sunday brunch at home! Hope your weekend went well as well! Happy Monday!
Sylva, Me, Talia (my sis), Arda (the bride), Lysa and Lori
My "killa" ladies!

One of my mom's most delicious dishes, potatoes sauteed with onions, yummers!


  1. Thanks so much "lil sis"!!!! This is just a preview for all the festivities to come!! I hope the wedding gets to be featured on Design Spark too!! xoxoxo

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  3. “By and large, I clearly had not found a way to help classes full of MBAs see that there is more to life than money, power, fame and self-interest.”


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