Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cheap and Stylish Stools!:

So I did some research lately and found several items to compare pricing for you. I always try and find the best deals out there for my friends, family and customers so figured these are some goodies to share! If you are interested in any of these items SDS carries, please get in contact with me. (email is on the left under Contact)

SDS (design spark) price $130
 Click here to view larger image
Zgallerie price, $149.95
  Faceted Mirror Side Table
West Elm price $199

Burke Decor price, $284

SDS price, $120
comes in black, silver, gold and white.

... and here are a few other stools at amazing prices!

SDS price, $150
SDS price, $130

SDS price, $130

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